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Rental conditions

These conditions form an indivisible part of the rental agreement entered into between RENT plus s.r.o. Company INo.: 24144967 having its registered seat at Prague 1 – , Revoluční 1044/23 110 00, (hereinafter knows as lessor) and the lessee on the rental of the motor vehicle described on the front page.


1. Rental agreement

The rental agreement contract is entered into for a fixed period of time connecting of contract signing. The rental period may by extended no later than 12 hours before the expiry of the period for which the original contract was negotiated and the lessor gives approval. In such a case the lessee shall retain all rights that were negotiated during the signing of the rental agreement. If the rental agreement is not extended and the motor vehicle is not returned with the agree period, this is deemed to be a significant branch of the rental agreement. In this case the lessee is obliged to make rental payments. Including all other changes, to the full extent until and including the day that the lessee returned the motor vehicle, the lessee will lose his right to limit his liability resulting from the agree conditions (see point 5) on the day that the lessee was to have returned the motor vehicle to the le lessor. The lessee also agrees with the possibility that the lessor shall report such vehicle as stolen to the police. All the consequences of such a fact borne by the lesee.
In the event of loss or destruction of the motor vehicle, the lessee is obliged to make lease payment, including all other changes to the full extent until such as the lessee informs to lessor of the loss destruction of the motor vehicle or the lessor learn of the loss or destruction of the motor vehicles through other means.
The lessor is obliged to hand the motor vehicle to the lessee in good technical condition et the time and place specified in the rental agreement. All evening faults complaints and remarks relating to the rented motor vehicle must by reported by the lessee no latter than the time of delivery of the vehicle and must by noted in the rental agreement.
The lesser is obliged to return the rental motor vehicle including all equipment and documentation at the time and place specified in the rental agreement and the condition it was received, taking into account normal wear and tear. The vehicle including documents and keys must by returned to an authorized employee of the lessor.


2. Conditions of use

The rented motor vehicle may be used and driven only by person older then 21 years ( luxury categories 25 ) specified in the rental agreement territory. The lessee is obliged to use the rented vehicle exclusively for person and comply with all traffic regulations, as well as any other valid laws. The lessee is obliged to take care that the vehicle is not damaged and comply with the manufacturer’s operational instructions and any conditions and recommendations set by the lessor.
The lessee is obliged to secure the vehicle against theft misuse or damage. Namely, the lessee must not leave the keys or documents in the motor vehicle and must lock the motor vehicle property. Non-compliance with any of these conditions is deemed to be a substation breach of the rental agreement.
The lessee must not transfer the use of the vehicle to any person other than person that are specified in the rental agreement, use the vehicle in races, competitions or similar events, use the vehicle for transporting people or goods in exchange for payment, use the vehicle for pushing or pulling another automobiles, trailers, or other items or change or modify the motor vehicle in any way.
The lessee is prohibited from driving the motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicines or other substances which can have an perception and ability to react, or allows such an effected person to operate the motor vehicle. All damages under these circumstances, the lessee pays in full. The lessor has the right to request access to the motor vehicle for the purpose of inspecting whether the lessee is using the vehicle properly and in accordance with conditions of the rental agreement. The lessee is obliged to allow the lessor to carry out this inspection.
In case the lessee uses the vehicle abroad he/she must before them first ask the lessor for permission and shall be obliged oh his/her own risk and cost, to secure all approvals necessary to use hire cars abroad and follow all the applicable local regulations. The lessee shall be responsible to the lessor Company for any damage that may originate from act of breach or negligence to follow these duties and if the hire motor vehicle is distained or confiscated abroad, the lessee shall be obliged to make all and any necessary steps to free the motor vehicle while paying duly agreed rentals for the whole period of time. The rent period shall not end before the date when the motor vehicle is returned to the lessor Company. The lessee shall be liable to compensate to the lessor Company all losses resulting out and connected with the motor vehicles detaining or confiscation abroad.
It is allowed to use the vehicle within the EU (European Union) only, except Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


3. Rental payments and fees

The lessee promised to pay the rental and other fees contained in the rental agreement, to which he has obligated himself by signing the contract, duly and on time. Should the rental period be negotiated for a time exceeding one month, invoices will be issued and the rental payments are due in advanced at the beginning of each calendar month or a respective part thereof.
The deposit via credit or debit card paid obligatory to the lessor by the lessee at the time of the signing of the leas contract will be reconciled after the return of the motor vehicle. By paying a deposit, the lessee’s liability to make rental payments is not limited in any way. The lessor will determine the amount of the deposit. The period to unblock the deposit depends on lessee bank. After the termination of the lease of the motor vehicle or in its course, the amount of the deposit may be increased and reconciled in accordance with actual expenses arisen from the lease of the vehicle, even without the lessee’s prior consent.
If the customer arrives to pick up the vehicle at least 30 minutes after the end of the operating hours of the lessor’s branch, customer will be charged a Out of opening hours fee of 3 750 CZK (150 EUR) excluding VAT.


4. Repairs and maintenance

Common repairs, maintenance of the vehicle as well as regular service inspections of the motor vehicle shall be carried out or organised by the lessor at his own cost. The lessee must allow the lessor access to the vehicle for the purposes of performing repairs, maintenance and inspections as well as tolerate limitations in the use of the vehicle so as to allow the execution of necessary procedures. The lessee has the right to a replacement vehicle for the entire period of service or repair from liability insurance from another vehicle and in case of the purchase of platinum insurance.
If the lessee does not furnish the rented motor vehicle to the lessor for the purposes of providing a regular service inspection (limits of kilometres for these inspections are stated in the service book of the vehicle) or the lessee extended the stated limits by more than 1 000 km, then in such a case the lesser is obliged to pay to the lessor a penalty of 10% of the original purchase price of the vehicle, in case of exceeding the kilometre limits the above mentioned penalty is payable for every started 1 000 km over the stated limit.
The lessee has a right to be provided with another motor vehicles by the lessor, which is the similar quality, during the period that these repairs or maintenance procedures are being undertaken. Costs associated with the repair are borne by the lessor, except in case where the need for repairs arose as a result of improper use of the motor vehicle or by use which does not comply with general methods of usage or breaches the conditions of the rental agreement, whether caused by the lessee or a person allowed by the lessee to have access to the motor vehicle in this case the lessee is fully responsible for any resultant repair costs.
The lessee is obliged to notify the lessor without undue delay of all faults, which may arise on the vehicle during its usage and require repairs. If the lessee does not notify the lessor of the faults, he/she shall be liable to the lessor for any damage that results from this and forfeits any rights which he/she would otherwise have been entitled to as a consequence of his inability or limited possibility to use the motor vehicle due to these faults.


5. Liability for damages, personal accident insurance

The lessor must ensure that all person authorised to drive the vehicle be insured to the extent and conditions governing the compulsory insurance for damage caused by the operation of the motor vehicle.
Deductible for insurance is 10% out from total cost of damage minimum 10 000 CZK. Towing car back to renting company will be charged when either damage is caused by driver or guilt of the accident is unknown. Damage of the accessories will be charged in full price.
Fines incurred by the lessee for traffic offences whilst during the leased motor vehicle, damages resulting from the loss of document, keys or accessories, including costs which were incurred in correcting such damages, are always born by the lessee.


6. Accidents, damage and theft of vehicle

In the case of a traffic accident damage or theft of the motor vehicle or parts thereof, injury or death of person (regardless of whether they caused by the lessee or not) the lessee is obliged to call the police, so that they may investigate, and must issue a confirmation of the accident’s investigation and any subsequent results.
In any event resulting in damage, the lessee is required to complete all details in the form titled “Oznámení o dopravní nehodě“ (Damage report) which is to be found within the rented motor vehicle. Necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that the disabled motor vehicle is not subject to further damage or theft.
The lessee is obliged to notify the lessor of the accident or damage event, of any damage caused to the rented motor vehicle, any related injury or death, and the location of the motor vehicle. The lessee must ensure that all documents, keys and another documents relating to the motor vehicle and the accident or damage event, including the completed form titled “Oznámení o dopravní nehodě“ (Damage report) are given to the lessor without undue delays.
The lessee is obliged to provide the police, lessor, and the lessor´s insurance company all the required assistance and cooperation in order that the damage event may by properly investigated in associate with its liquidation or any subsequent court processing.



The processing of personal data is in principle lawful and in accordance with the Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on the Protection of Personal Data and with the new Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of the EU (known as GDPR). We have a legitimate reason to process personal data. Processing is governed by the rules and processing principles.


8. Other provisions

The lessor´s liability to the lessee or third parties is restricted to losses and damages with resulted in direct relation to either the leased vehicle or its usage, caused by the fault or carelessness of the lessor. The lessee must notify the lessor of all such losses or damages within 24 hours of the event-taking place.
The lessee is obliged to inform the lessor of any change in headquarters, company, residence or other changes with could effect the proper fulfilment of responsibilities, resulting from this contract.
The lessee consents to the resulting from this lease contract including the lessee’s personal details, being processed and stored in a database format by the lessor. The lessee is aware that, should be delay in returning the motor vehicle to the lessor agreed time and place, the lessor shall report this motor vehicle to the police as lost or stolen. If necessary, the lessor may file legal action for reclamation of the asset at the relevant court of law, the result of such an action will be borne by this lessee.
Should the lessee’s use of the motor vehicle be contrary to the negotiated conditions or in a manner that causes the lessor damage or that threatens the lessor with significant damages, the lessor has the right to issue notice of his intention to terminate the contract. This notice of termination takes immediate effect upon its delivery to the lessee.
The lessor may also right terminate the contract if the lessee fails to pay the fees and rental payments in accordance with the agreed amounts and deadlines.
Should an event occur that is not expressly addressed by this rental agreement, the legal relationship shall be governed by the appropriate provisions of the Czech legal regulations.

RENT plus s.r.o., IČ:24144967, Revoluční 1044/23, 110 00 Praha 1