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Vážení zákazníci,
rádi bychom Vás ujistili, že všechna naše vozidla jsou pro Vás zcela bezpečná. Připravujeme je do provozu s nejvyšší možnou péčí a s dodržením nejpřísnějších hygienických pravidel.

Dear Customer,
We want to assure you that all of our vehicles are completely safe for you. We have tightened the cleaning of our vehicles. We prepare them with the utmost care and with the strictest hygienic rules. We clean our vehicles with effective disinfectants.

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Where to find us

Car Rental RENTplus - Prague Airport (PRG)
Aviatická 1082/10, 161 00 Praha 6
Open daily incl. holidays NON-STOP

Car Rental RENTplus - Prague Downtown
Revoluční 1044/23, 110 00 Praha 1
Open daily incl. holidays 8:00 - 20:00

Car Rental RENTplus - Brno Airport (BRQ)
Letiště Brno-Tuřany 904/1, 627 00 Brno
Open daily incl. holidays, by reservations

Car Rental RENTplus - Ostrava Airport (OSR)
Mošnov 401, 742 51 Mošnov
Open daily incl. holidays, by reservations

Special offers

Become our VIP client

After the third rent you automatically become our VIP client with 21% discount for all.

VIP limousine service

Right now you can order VIP limousine service with our luxury Mercedes Benz and BMW vehicles and professional drivers with knowledge of English, German or Russian language for transfer to all places in the Czech Republic or other EU countries. Doesn´t matter if you want only transfer from airport to hotel, or transport to the negotiations in Vienna. Both can be enjoyed comfortably and reliably with our company.

Utility VANs

On your request we included to our offer utility vans. Right now will be transporting of big load or moving too easy.

Parking and car wash

For all our customers with long term contract we offer parking and washing the car at all our branch offices.